Sunday, December 23, 2018


by Ray Jason

      Happy Holidays my unknown friends. I bring tidings of Joy! Certainly I am no wise man from the East, but I am a thoughtful man of the Sea. And although my gift may not be incense, frankincense or myrrh, it is still quite precious. I bring you Amnesty. I offer you emancipation from The Great Doom that has been prophesied for the last 30 years – Climate Change.
      Daring to share optimistic conclusions about this topic, is a fairly certain path to ridicule and attack. I recognize that the Green Police will put me in their cross-hairs. But the further that I advance into the autumn of my Life, the more I embrace The Need for Truth.

      Until a couple of years ago, I too, was a true believer in the man-made climate change theory. But my sea gypsy sense of adventure accidentally led me to more carefully study some of the evidence that was being incessantly 

programmed into all of us. Some good friends offered me an opportunity to crew for them as they attempted to sail their fiberglass sailboat across the Northwest Passage through the Arctic from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
      I leapt at the chance since it is considered one of the greatest challenges in the sailing world, and very few humans have ever achieved it. We did succeed, and I am proud of all of the obstacles that we overcame to do so.
      During my preparations, I kept encountering people who claimed that this voyage was no longer praiseworthy, since the ice in the far north had practically melted. But when I investigated this, I discovered that the facts seemed a lot more like fiction. Yes, there had been many authorities claiming that the Arctic Ice Cap would soon melt, but it had stubbornly refused to do so.
      NASA claimed it would be gone in 2012. The Naval Research Lab guessed it would be 2013. Al Gore placed his bet on 2014. And James Hansen hedged his wager by suggesting sometime between 2013 and 2018. They were all wrong and yet the legacy media never mentions these failures. Yet they will undoubtedly trumpet the next ice-free prediction, which will probably be just as incorrect. Fear sells!
      To further drive my message home, here are two photos from my voyage through the Northwest Passage in the summer of 2017. The first is of the clothing required to withstand the balmy temperatures in July. There are also two layers of polypropylene long underwear beneath this expedition outer-wear. The second picture is of one of the many ice labyrinths that we had to find a passage through. No ass!


      Having been astonished by the inaccurate forecasting of these supposed ice experts, I decided to look into the earlier proclamations of other environmental gurus, to see how accurate they had been. Because the first Earth Day in 1970 is considered by many to be the birth of the environmental movement, it seemed like a sensible place to search for eco-visionaries. So, I looked into some of the statements that appeared in publications that year. Apparently there was too much green in their crystal balls, because their prophecies were SPECTACULARLY wrong.
      Paul Ehrlich warned that all animal and sea life would be extinct by 1980. LIFE magazine opined that urban dwellers would have to wear gas masks to survive the air pollution by 1980. Kenneth Watt prophesied a coming Ice Age by 2000 with temperatures dropping 11 degrees. TIME magazine echoed that prediction with a cover story.

      My confidence in scientists and ecologists was really starting to vaporize. But then I remembered the incessantly repeated mantra that 97% of scientists agree that human-produced carbon dioxide is the cause of Climate Change, and all of my doubts were erased.
      Actually, just the opposite occurred! That’s because I could immediately recognize from my years as the captain of my college debate team, that this was the classic fallacy of “Argument from Authority.” The idea is that when you don’t have sufficient evidence to defend your position, you just claim that you are right because “smarter people said so!” You don’t engage in debate, you shut down debate.
      Furthermore, the concept of 97% CONSENSUS is completely in opposition to the principles of science, which rely on rigorous skepticism. If Galileo had relied on the consensus of his day he would have never proven that the Earth circles the Sun.
      For me, the final nail in the Consensus Coffin, was my discovery of the 2007 Global Warming Petition. It was not signed by a few dozen tinfoil hat, basement-dwelling “researchers.” Instead, over 31,000 leading scientists from around the world agreed to this statement:

      “There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide is causing, or will cause in the foreseeable future, catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric CO2 produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.”


      Now that I have detailed some of the failures of the Eco-Doom prophets, let’s look into what they are currently trying to force feed the entire global population. Their basic hypothesis is that humans generate carbon dioxide through their various activities, which contribute to the greenhouse gas effect that warms the planet. This heating then supposedly causes all sorts of follow-on problems that could have catastrophic consequences.
      And what do the folks who do not buy into this Church of Climate Change religion believe? We maintain that humans DO impact climate change, but we further clarify that the human-produced impact is minuscule when compared to the NATURAL CAUSES of climate change.
      These enormous factors include sun spots, volcanic eruptions, the tilt of the Earth’s axis, the changes in the planet’s orbit pattern and deep ocean currents - to name but a few. These phenomena are so gigantic and so beyond the control of human intercession, that no amount of switching to corkscrew-shaped light bulbs will ever offset them.
      And the climate alarmists gloss over the extremely relevant statistic that CO2 is less than ONE HALF of ONE PERCENT of the Earth’s atmosphere. Plus, humans contribute only a fraction of that tiny amount. How can something so puny have such an immense effect on the climate? It’s as if one of your toenails determines the health of your entire body.

      So, lets scrutinize more thoroughly the Villain of the Climate Change mythology - Carbon Dioxide. The character assassination of this gas has gone so off the sanity rails, that alarmists are now labeling it a POLLUTANT. But actually, it is THE GAS OF LIFE. Without it, there is no life on this planet!!! We are carbon-based organisms. We exhale CO2 with every breath. Indeed, two pounds a day for those who are counting. In fact, if you reduce carbon dioxide to less that 150 parts per million, plant life and all life will cease.
      Step into a greenhouse and you will find carbon dioxide at much higher than 400 parts per million because it helps plants grow bigger and faster. Step into a submarine and you will witness men and women flourishing for months at a time with extremely high levels of CO2. And step into history and you will discover that the zeniths of civilization tend to align with those eras when the Earth was warmer and had higher carbon dioxide in the biosphere. CO2 is not our enemy - it is our friend.

      So how has the discussion of Climate Change become so out of whack and taboo? How can supposed adults be calling for the arrest of people who question the High Priests of Climate Change? (I’m looking at you, Will Pye – the Science Dude.) I’ll discuss the innocent explanation first. And then in the next section, I’ll describe the more malevolent motivation.
      I suspect that the majority of the people who were first drawn to the Global Warming crusade were idealists with good intentions. They truly wanted to Save the Planet. But it wasn’t long before they realized that their dedication could be parlayed into a full-time job. And soon that gig became a career, with lots of perks in both the scientific community and the cocktail party circuit.
      But at a certain point it became apparent that the goodies were only flowing in one direction. If you supported the “impending doom scenario,” you would have access to grant money and be invited to conferences. You could also secure a foundation position and have your research published in prestigious journals. And awards might come your way along with television appearances.
      So, it became difficult to accept the results of one’s experiments if they did not support the anthro-pogenic dogma. And it became tempting to bend the projections and modeling since, after-all, you were saving the planet. Furthermore, you were terrified when you observed what happened to those who broke from the agenda. They were burned at the cyber-stake.


      Now let me shine some light on the dark, sinister cloisters of the Climate Change High Priests. Their motivation is not innocent tree hugging. Their desire is to both widen and deepen their control over the lives of the vast mass of Humanity. They view themselves as our rightful Overlords due to their self-delusions of grandeur and superiority.
      Their master strategy is to continually concentrate more power into fewer and fewer hands. In order to do this, they have to lessen the sovereignty of nation states. That is why there has been an unrelenting push for more multi-lateral institutions such as the UN, the World Bank, the IMF, the European Union, etc. This means that more and more of our daily actions are being dictated to us by un-elected Elites.
      Seeking an umbrella mechanism to wield such planetary power, they decided on Environmental Apocalypse. Here is the direct quote from the 1968 Club of Rome think tank document entitled THE FIRST GLOBAL REVOLUTION:
     “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention...the real enemy then is Humanity itself.”
     Then, two years later, the first Earth Day took place and it has been non-stop Eco-Doom ever since. In the 70s the fear was of a New Ice Age. When that didn’t pan out, they switched to the Global Warming bogeyman. When temperatures around the world leveled off dramatically, they shifted to Climate Change.


      So let me invite you aboard my beautiful sailboat and I’ll open up a few files on this laptop and show you some charts that you will not encounter in the legacy media or at the climate conferences.

     Earth’s climate is constantly changing. The cycles have been extremely dramatic. Montreal was once covered by ice 3 kilometers thick. Alligators and camels once lived in the Arctic. Here is what I think is the crux of the climate change issue:

      Here is a chart that should indisputably prove this contention. It shows temperatures all the way back to 2,500 B.C. You can see that there are enormous shifts between hot and cold periods. Through all of these cycles, Humanity has managed to survive and flourish.
      Look carefully about 2,000 years ago and you will see the Roman Warm Period. Surely, that was not caused by carbon emissions from Sports Utility Chariots. And I doubt that the Medieval Warm Period, 1,000 years later, was due to soccer moms driving their kids to daycare in minivans.

      This next chart demonstrates that even though CO2 has been steadily increasing for the last few decades, this did not cause the huge spike in temperatures that climate alarmists have been so certain would occur. By the way, after a few years of this inconvenient pause, they decided to shift the fear phrase from Global Warming to Climate Change. You can find this in the 2009 leaked ClimateGate emails where they were colluding to keep their Eco-Gravy-Train chugging along.

      And finally, to conclude this mini-tutorial, here is one more chart. This demonstrates conclusively that the only global temperature that is rising is in the computer models of climate change acolytes. The blue and green data are the actual temperatures and the red line is the average of their computer models. And amazingly, this is from 102 computer models that all got it wrong. Imagine the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on this, that could have been utilized elsewhere.


      Hopefully, your brief visit to my seagoing classroom, has convinced many of you that we need not fear catastrophic climate change. You might wonder then, why the people in charge keep hammering us with it when there is very little ecological risk.
      The reason is what I mentioned several paragraphs ago. They don’t care about the Biosphere, they desire more power and control. Here are some recent quotes by very senior officials in the Climate Change Conspiracy.
     Christiana Figures a recent U.N. Climate Chief recently said this:

      “It must be understood that what is occurring here in the whole climate change process is the complete transformation of the economic structure of the world.”

      And Ottmar Edenhoffer, who was the Lead Author on the IPCC Fourth Assessment, revealed their true agenda with this statement:
     “One must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore.”

      If anyone finds a cat, you might want to return it to Mr. Edenhoffer’s bag.


      As I close this essay, I should remind you, my dear unknown reader, that for a quarter of a century I have lived on my sailboat in the Sea. I have sailed offshore by myself on voyages that have lasted as long as a month. Very few humans have communed with Nature that profoundly.
      Mother Ocean taught me a lot during that deep ocean solitude. She taught me to be respectful and awestruck and cautious of the great forces of the Sea and the Sky. She displayed her exquisite beauty and serenity and she reminded me of her staggering power and fury.
      The 114 essays that preceded this one at my Sea Gypsy Philosopher blog are filled with poetic passages striving to convey my deep affection for the natural world. I have championed our duty to protect the oceans and their creatures. I have always believed - and still believe - that we Earthlings should step lightly and lovingly on this miraculously plush planet.
      Although I am not a climate scientist, and although I am not even a scientist, I am a thoughtful man of the Sea. And after much research, I am convinced that the Climate Change Industrial Complex does not really care about saving the planet. They perceive themselves as our rightful overlords, and their actual goal is to commandeer more power and wealth using Eco-Armageddon as their justification.
     It is a planetary con game. Do not fall for it!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Please share this and reprint it as much as you wish.

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