Tuesday, June 17, 2014


by Ray Jason

Hiroshima Ground Zero Peace Park

It was halfway between midnight and dawn, and the moon had summoned me.  As an ocean sailor who has navigated my lovely boat across the Wide Waters using just the stars and my sextant, I pay more attention to the sky than city-folk.  And I also pay more attention to the Earth than sailor-folk.
At this very instant there are at least 150 blue water sailboats within 10 miles of me.  Their crews sleep peacefully.  They are not wondering, like I am, whether this lunar oddity will be the final one that humanity witnesses.  For tonight’s full moon will be the last one that falls on a Friday the 13th until 2049.  The question that troubles me is this: “Will the human project still exist in 35 years?”  My concern is not just delusional pessimism.  It is mushroom cloud terror.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


by Ray Jason

My friend Dmitry Orlov, who shares my belief that sailing boats are both excellent living platforms and superb escape modules, sent me an interesting email a few days ago.  He had been contacted by a stranger who was interested in possibly featuring him in a Reality TV show about “larger-than-life self-reliant sailors.”  Dmitry gracefully deflected that overture, and put him in touch with me instead. 
Coincidentally, I had been sorting through my notes on possible future essay topics, and was focusing in on an anti-television message.  This well-intentioned man’s email proved to be an excellent catalyst for my thoughts on this rarely examined cornerstone of the modern world.  This is the exact email letter that I sent to him with the exception that I have changed his name – to protect the innocent … 

Sunday, June 1, 2014


by Ray Jason

          It was exactly one year ago today that I began my Sea Gypsy Philosopher blog.  The response has been very heartwarming.  So, I want to take a few minutes to thank everyone for their interest and encouragement.
            It is astounding to me that my little word-of-mouth site has been visited over 47,000 times in its first 12 months.  And having readers in 107 countries delights me immensely.
            The biggest highlight of the year was receiving an email from the Napalm Girl (Kim Phuc), thanking me for my anti-war essay that focused on her iconic but tragic photo.  It touched me deeply to hear from her - particularly since of the 25 essays thus far, I think that one is my best attempt at achieving the “Three Ps” that I strive for.  My goal is for each of my meditations to be Powerful, Provocative and Poetic. 
            Another very pleasing aspect of this first year has been how many important websites re-posted my essays.  Many of you now reading this, probably discovered SGP via one of those blogs.  Thank you to all of you webmasters willing to share with your readers my eccentric way of looking at the world.
            On a more personal and casual level, about six months ago a tourist, who is a regular reader of mine, was introduced to me.  She explained that my blog was one of her favorites, and that when she recommended it to her friends she always described me as the “Thoreau of the Sea.”  Since he is so high in my pantheon of heroes, that was a touching tribute.    
            Establishing a friendship with Dmitry Orlov was also a high point of this first year.  Besides both of us being somewhat oddball thinkers, we also enjoy the sea gypsy life first-hand, and believe in its critical worth if things should start unraveling in the future.  It was a delight passing time with him and his wife Natasha and their son Ilya at a secret location South of Many Borders.
            When I was conceiving my blog, I wanted to keep it as pristine and non-commercial as possible.  That is why there are no ads and no donation tab and not even an Amazon link to my first book.
My goal was to function as a sort of cyber-pamphleteer.  My desire was to just share my little essays with whoever might be intrigued by them.  That is why my bio is so brief.  I want the work to stand on its own … or crumble on its own…
However, this does not mean that I wish to discourage you from sharing my work with others.  So whenever a piece touches you, please send it along to others who might find merit and insight and comfort in it.  Although my stance is non-commercial, I greatly believe in the power of the people through word-of-mouth connections.
Thanks again, everyone.  I look forward to sharing my uncommon essays with you in the coming year … and years.