Friday, January 9, 2015


by Ray Jason 
AVENTURA happily at Sea
A cold front has lost its bearings and meandered all the way down to the Banana Latitudes.  The evening chill is quite refreshing.  In a celebratory gesture, I light AVENTURA’S kerosene lamps.   Normally, they heat up the boat too much when I am south of the Tropic of Discontent.  But tonight … they are perfectissimo!
            The warm, amber light is so different from the sterile, blue, fluorescent lamps that I use most of the time.  It not only illuminates, but it also pleases the senses with its gentle flicker and its subtle smokiness.  It enriches the already magical beauty of my little ship’s small, tidy cabin.
            The dark, gorgeous mahogany wood shimmers.  The polished brass barometer gleams.  The white, glossy bulkheads sparkle.  The stained-glass red rose that decorates the liquor cabinet, takes on a richer hue.  The stainless steel trim on the miniature fireplace shines.