Thursday, August 29, 2013


by Ray Jason

          My Sea Gypsy Tribe essays, which outline my unusual strategy for dealing with the possibility of a major societal Collapse, have now been orbiting the Blogosphere long enough to generate considerable discussion.  These articles have been republished by at least four influential websites.  The debate in the “comments” sections has been undeniably “lively.”  In this article, I will address the two main objections that were raised. But before doing so, I can happily report that nobody exposed a flaw significant enough to lessen my belief in the merit and achievability of my concept.


     It was quite amusing to observe that almost all of the comments about the threat of piracy were from landsmen.  Those of us out here in the cruising fleet do not even lose nanoseconds of sleep worrying about this supposed danger.  This is not because we are devil-may-care adventurers who laugh at fear, but because we understand how TINY this threat actually is.  You have a much greater chance of being killed by a golf ball while walking your dog near a country club, than by getting fed to the sharks by buccaneers.     

Thursday, August 15, 2013


by Ray Jason

     It was a subtle, delicate, watercolor sunset.  The sky was not ablaze with vivid reds and oranges battling for attention, but was a serene panorama of gentle saffron and peach.  I was seated on AVENTURA’s cabin top with my back against the mast, drinking what I call Tarzan Tea.  It is the water of a young coconut which I have just opened with my machete.  My notepad and pen are within arm’s reach as I settle in for the last stage of my IMMERSION TIME.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hello Chris,
            For many years I have admired the powerful brilliance of your thinking and writing.  But for me, what is even more remarkable is the way that you have sculpted such a principled and incorruptible life.  So I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude.   
And there is an additional reason for my letter.  It is to suggest a less painful way that you can continue to press your campaign for a world of justice, peace, equality and happiness.