Thursday, November 29, 2018


by Ray Jason

This sea gypsy life has rewarded me so richly. A philosopher’s yearning for knowledge, for understanding and for wisdom, requires certain conditions in order to be achieved. For me, those necessities are Solitude, Simplicity and Silence. These qualities are essential if one is to discern worthwhile lessons amidst the frenzy and cacophony of modern life. And they are abundant in my quiet, watery world.
       Long years of pondering the bigger questions, have convinced me that humanity is silently surrendering its independence to nameless, faceless social engineers. They have severed us from our historical brilliance as strong, self-reliant, members of the natural community. They have converted us into fragile, dependent clones in the artificial world of cyber-cities.
       These Life Programmers have transformed us from pioneers with rugged skills wearing sturdy clothes, into consumers with useless diplomas squeezed into skinny jeans. They have replaced face-to-face friendship with face-to-screen “connectivity.” And now the streets are strewn with hipster zombies who are as addicted to their devices as a ghetto junkie is to his fix.


       If such criticism seems harsh, please permit me a few minutes of your time to awaken you to a reality that seems obvious to me, but which is invisible to so many. Let me begin with a quotation from a man who you have probably never heard of, and yet he has profoundly influenced your life.
       His name is Edward Bernays and he wrote the extremely influential book entitled, PROPAGANDA. It may not have been in your family library, but it certainly was prominent in the homes of the rich and powerful. Here is a quote from it:
      “There are invisible rulers who control the destinies of millions. It is not generally realized to what extent the words and actions of our most influential public men are dictated by shrewd persons operating behind the scenes.”
      Bernays was the Godfather of Propaganda - or the deliberate shaping of Public Opinion. One of his most successful (and malevolent) campaigns involved women and cigarettes. By dubbing them “Torches of Freedom” he made smoking fashionable for women, who had previously reviled the smelly, unhealthy practice. Did he do this for actual emancipation? Of course not. His motive was to open a vast new customer market for the rich tobacco barons.
        Since his influence in the early decades of the 20th century, the powers of propaganda have expanded enormously. Our society is drowning in it as the fiefdoms of politics, economics, media, education, medicine, sports, and entertainment bombard us with messaging. And the truth hidden behind the slick, appealing packaging is that the Ruling Class wants you to have much less independence and personal sovereignty.
       Our Malignant Overlords already have enough wealth. What they truly seek is greater power and control. And what frightens them the most are independent people who are capable of critical thinking and who are unwilling to be manipulated by the latest trendy but meaningless fad.
       So allow me to remind you of some of the ways that we have been steadily, subtly and silently herded into the corral of dependency and surrender. These have all occurred during my single human lifetime.

  • Two income families. As recently as my generation, a family could flourish with only one wage-earner, but those days are long gone. Indeed, government policy in recent decades has encouraged NO WAGE- EARNER families, with the father absent and the mother on welfare. And how dependent is a population with nearly 50% relying on food stamps?
  • Megalithic franchise commerce. The huge chains now dominate the mercantile mono-scape. Fast food joints are splattered between dozens of big box stores offering free parking and free alienation as people grapple with this question: “Is there not more to Life than Shopping?”
  • Screen addiction. TV screens, computer screens, GPS screens, Smartphone screens are all actually screening us off from the real world. All this entertainment and convenience and yet this gnawing abscess of Emptiness. Not to mention the addictive webs that these technologies weave, with the Ruling Spiders in the center, pulling the strands of dependency.
  • Financial handcuffs. The Elites want as much control of your monetary transactions as possible. This allows them to skim fees from your dealings and it simplifies their ability to track your activities. Buy a quart of raw milk at a Farmer’s Market and there is no trail. But the “cashless society” is rapidly being forced upon us even though we the people were not consulted as this has been implemented.
  • Suffocating surveillance. As I type this, there is a piece of tape over the eye of my computer’s camera. That’s because I don’t want them mapping the contours of my head for their facial recognition data base. Every week there are new revelations of how relentlessly we are monitored and tracked. Most people just shrug it off saying that they have nothing to hide. But practically all of the prisoners in the gulags of history felt the same way.
  • Enfeebling complexity. The social engineeers have applauded the increasing complexity of everything that humans interact with, because it makes people extremely dependent on experts and techies. True ocean-striding sea gypsies have to be able to repair their equipment when there is no assistance nearby. Such self-reliance, in a world of self-ineptitude, is liberating and intoxicating.

       What these bullet points seek to prove is that we 21st century humans are far less independent than we think we are. And that is the brilliance of the strategy that our Rulers have implemented. The great quote from Goethe leaps to mind: “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”


       Fortunately, it is still possible to sculpt a life that has Freedom as one of its hallmarks. My sea gypsy neighbors are a testament to this. And, in my own way, I have pursued that Path. I have never owned a Smartphone and never used Facebook or any social network. I can still navigate with my sextant and the stars. And almost none of my usual pleasures involve screens.
       In fact, after I post this essay, I will grab my handsome re-curve bow and a quiver full of arrows. Then I will spend an hour happily shooting down-range at a little target I made from an old rice bag filled with cardboard. I might even have a friend roll a few coconuts in front of the bulls-eye. Then, if my aim is true, I’ll remove the arrow and gulp down some delicious Tarzan Tea. Now that’s good livin’.