Wednesday, April 1, 2020


by Ray Jason

      In the spirit of April Fools’ Day, in which one can invert reality and view the world from an upside-down perspective, let’s ask a few questions about the topic that presently dominates our hearts and minds and doorknobs.

       1) Why has every single celebrity who “allegedly” contracted the Wuhan Virus, claimed that they “feel fine?” And why have none of them become severely ill or died?
      2) Who benefits? Or as a Roman Caesar might say, “Cui Bono?” This is the foundational question that should be asked when trying to solve a crime or unravel a mystery. Who is most likely to gain or profit from this “invisible enemy?” Here are just a few examples:

      People who make vaccines, and more importantly, persons who favor mandatory vaccines. You might chuckle at the notion that you will not be allowed on airline flights unless you show your vaccination papers. But the same folks who warn you of this future, also warned you that the government was using insane technologies to spy on you. You laughed at them, remember?
       BTW, I am not a frothing-at-the-mouth “anti-vaxxer.” Because I spend much of my life wandering the tropics aboard my sailboat, I have often been inoculated for diseases common to these latitudes. But I am a selective vaxxer.
       Social engineers, who desire (and I use that verb deliberately because it is almost an orgasmic dream of theirs) a cashless society. Such a digital system gives the technocrats almost assassin-like control over you. They will be able to monitor your every transaction. And if you run afoul of the-powers-that-should-not-be, they can just vaporize your bank account.
       Big Government Advocates, who prefer central planning to local responses. These are the psychos who want more control for themselves and less independence for you. Think back to a month ago. Had someone told you that you would be confined to your house and be unable to support your family, because the government and media told you that there is a horrible plague darkening the planet, you would have mocked them.
       The Mega-corporations will benefit enormously. Many of the mom and pop Main Street businesses that have been forced to shut down, will not be able to withstand the loss of income like the Big Box Boyz. And so they will perish and the Mega-corps will gain even more dominance over your lives.
       Mainstream Media is a huge beneficiary of the WuVi. “You must be afraid – you must be very afraid” is a message that is guaranteed to increase viewership. Of all the groups that profit from this outbreak, the media are arguably the most despicable. Not only do they only run stories that exaggerate the risk, but they also deliberately deceive in order to promote their message. Look at the recent example where CBS aired footage of stressful conditions in an ITALIAN hospital while claiming that it was in a NEW YORK hospital.
       The Central Bankers, whose insane fiscal and monetary policies have inflated an enormous Everything Bubble, that distorts and suffocates true markets. Their ludicrous attempts to solve a crisis of too much debt by issuing more and more and more debt was steadily failing (particularly in the overnight repo market which fractured before the arrival of the virus.) They will hide behind this illness, and claim that it was the virus that tanked the global economy and not their mistakes or their malice.
       The Anti-Trumpers are ecstatic that this might finally be the issue that takes Orange Man down. (Please remember that in my 131 essays there have been no references to partisan politics. I try to cast a wider net.) Because of the massive quarantines, the world economies will suffer gigantic declines and losses.           
      Since a big portion of Trump’s re-election strategy rested on economic gains, this appears to be a significant set-back. (Ironically, his popularity numbers are showing a different result.)
       The Micro-Chippers are wiping their hands (with disinfectant) with glee. Perhaps this will be the emergency that finally breaks the anti-chip mindset of the vast majority of the population. They will use the Wuhan Virus as a way to convince (or coerce) humanity to accept their already-on-the-shelf RFID chip technology. And they are working on an even more high-tech nano-chip (ID 2020) that will be part of vaccination shots.
       The Cyber-Censors gain far more authority and power while masquerading as “internet good guys.” The ruthlessness with which they have tried to silence any dissenting or contrarian point of view is staggering.
      Hopefully, this revelation of how almost all of the Big Players - AKA The Malignant Overlords - can benefit and profit from this illness, will convince you to question the tsunami of fear-mongering that is towering above you.
       I do not, and have not claimed that this virus does not exist nor that it does not present life-threatening challenges. But I am VERY suspicious that it is being exaggerated deliberately. As George Carlin so succinctly stated it, the Elites “want more for themselves and less for you!” And this disease is a perfect opportunity for them to achieve that goal.

       3) Here is my final question. Why are the people in charge suppressing extremely valuable information? I contend that it is because this intel undermines their narrative. Here are some examples:

       The deaths from the Wuhan Virus appear to be much smaller than the mortality rate for the normal yearly flu. The only reason that you think otherwise is because “authorities” keep screaming that it is far more contagious. But an objective look at the Asian countries where it has abated, show that it was not the horrific deadly plague that was predicted.
       As further evidence of this, Dr. Fauchi, who is spear-heading the U.S. campaign against this illness, wrote as recently as March 26, 2020 in the highly prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, that he projects a fatality rate of only .1% - a far cry from the 3.4% that the panic-spinners are claiming.
       Furthermore, when you contrast that percentage with the SARS virus death rate of 9% and the MERS rate of 36%, how can you not question why those epidemics did not necessitate an almost complete quarantine of the entire planet.

       In conclusion, my personal approach has been to be a sensible, good neighbor here in the sailing community of this Latin American country. Our lock-down is not as severe as in many other places, but I abide by all of the new rules and I exercise reasonable precautions.
       But I am keeping a skeptic’s eye on whether the pandemic proves to be as horrific as we are being led to believe. Simultaneously, I will be monitoring the People in Charge to observe how much they utilize this situation to their advantage. I urge you to do the same.
      Just because it is April Fools’ Day, does not mean one has to be an April Fool.

       BONUS INTEL: Here is a link to 12 experts with contrarian opinions on the virus. It is well worth your time to take a look at their perspectives.