Wednesday, October 30, 2019


by Ray Jason

Birthday photo 2019
      What a magnificent birthday gift I received this morning. As I sat on deck with my clipboard and pen, sorting out my thoughts for this essay, the nearby jungle erupted with the unmistakable barks of howler monkeys.
       This bellowing symphony was made even more delightful by the fact that I could enjoy it despite my simple and spartan lifestyle. Had a Silicon Valley billionaire wished to experience the same primordial cacophony, not even the world’s best travel agent could guarantee it for him.
     The throaty, but almost comical, howls of the monkeys also reminded me of an important philosophical lesson. If one seeks to lead a contemplative life, it is important to peel away the fleeting, transient elements of the human drama and focus on the enduring, permanent aspects. 
      And what could be more elemental than creatures that have lived in the tree tops for who knows how many thousands of generations?

And so this inspired me to explore in this essay the most basic of issues – specifically – What is their Plan?

      For nearly a decade, I have been using the World Wide Web to pull back the curtain and try to discover how the world really works.
What I have learned is saddening and sickening. We regular people are under the thumb – and the spell – of a tiny group of Elites. The most powerful of these Malignant Overlords remain in the shadows, pulling the strings of their puppets who prance across the tawdry stage of Modern Life. If this analysis is incorrect, how do you explain why the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are never on the lists of the world’s richest people?
       Their overarching PLAN is to steadily transform our world into a Plantation Planet. The vast majority of us are doomed to become wage slaves. We will pick the grapes for their champagne and string the razor ribbon around their fortified compounds and pump the fuel into their private jets.
       I realize that such a bold claim seems shocking, but perhaps it will help if you realize that THE HUNGER GAMES is not just a work of fiction. Instead, it should be viewed as the operating manual for the next few decades. Let me condense their main goals into a few sentences and then I’ll describe how swiftly and successfully they are achieving them.
       They want a vastly reduced human population that is mostly dwelling in huge mega-cities that are much easier to monitor and control. They want this Underclass to be ruled by a World Government, with all finances handled through a World Bank. Now let’s examine how successfully they are advancing their agenda.

       Population Reduction In most advanced Western nations the population growth is below replacement level. This is most significantly true among the white managerial and middle classes. This bodes well for the ruling elite because they realize that well-educated people, who are capable of critical thinking, are much more difficult to manipulate and control. Simultaneously, our rulers are importing vast numbers of much lower IQ migrants. This serves the overlords in at least three ways.
       First, these newcomers, with language difficulties and no job skills, will be living off government hand-outs, which makes them supremely dependent on the wishes of those who feed and house them. Second, they are having children at a far greater rate than the native population that they are displacing. And third, this leads to hostility between the host citizenry and the new arrivals.
       Added to this injustice is the fact that the locals did not ask for this massive societal alteration. It was imposed upon them. This sows the seeds for cultural friction and distrust which can explode into hatred and violence. Guess whose interest this process serves? It is the modern version of the age-old “divide and conquer” technique. And this leads to bloodshed and a major population decrease.

       World Government The greatest challenge that I face in attempting to alert people to the Master-plan of the Elites, is the fact that most of my readers possess basic human decency. But those who desire control over the lives of others, do not possess empathy and moral principles. Power is an addiction to them and like most junkies, enough is … never enough!
       So let’s examine some of the ways in which your rulers control you. They have complete domination of the information sphere. They own all of the media, entertainment and sports franchises. And more importantly, they have the Svengali knack for keeping you hypnotized by these superfluous pursuits so that you never look behind the curtain.
       For about a decade, when the Internet first became globally available, there was a glimmer of hope. Suddenly, alternative viewpoints were getting circulated widely. The Prime Narrative that the Malignant Overlords had so meticulously crafted and controlled, was being challenged by explanations that seemed to make far more sense.
       But cyber-censorship has reared its putrid head. Freedom of speech is being replaced by freedom of speech if you agree with my perspective. Electronic book burning might not be the spectacle of actual bonfires of books, but the end result is the same. One has to admire - or despise - the cleverness of our masters who avoided the optics nightmare of government censorship, by subcontracting it out to Silicon Valley mega-corps.
       But the World Government does not just want to control what you see, it wants to make sure that it always sees you. Your computer is watching you. Your Smartphone is geo-locating you. Your car is sending them your position. The toll booths are tracking you. Your Smart Appliances are monitoring you.
       But as insane and obscene as all of these violations of your privacy are, their future plans are even more Orwellian. Already they are steadily building a facial recognition map of your face. And they are slowly ascending the Mt. Everest of global control. They want you micro-chipped.
       They start with pets and say it is a great way to find your lost doggie. And then they claim it is great for tracking Alzheimers patients. Then clueless hipsters will volunteer for a chip in order pretend that they are cooler than you and I. Do some research on the ID2020 Alliance and GAVI; and you will be shocked at how far along this intrusive tech already is.
       Even worse is the fact that all of our personal info is being stored away in warehouses that will provide the authorities with what they gleefully call Big Data. It may seem innocent to some people, but to me Big Data means Puny People.

       World Bank If you are detecting a significant trend that these Elites are revealing, you are paying attention. They are seeking to both consolidate and expand their control of human lives. Having a stranglehold on international banking is the perfect strategy for global domination.
       Notice how we evolved from no banks to local to regional and to national. And then came Central Banks, but even that is not enough and now there is a central bank for Central Banks – the Bank of International Settlements. And beyond that there is the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.
       None of these changes have made things easier or better for the common man. But they have enormously benefited the already rich and powerful banksters. They pay next to nothing for enormous loans and you get whacked with 18% interest on a credit card.
       But they want even more power over you, and their latest scheme is the cashless society. This will grant your overlords one more level of control over you. If every transaction is done digitally, it can all be tracked. Under-the-radar cash transactions will become nearly impossible. And if they want to just “disappear” your savings or if suddenly you see the message “access denied” on your screen, what recourse do you have?

       In summation, if enough people do not suddenly awaken from their trance and find ways to stop this trajectory, I do not see how we avoid a fate that leads to a Slave New World.

       And now night has returned to this tiny lagoon. I switch on my anchor light and sit with my back against the mast trying to work out an ending to this essay. Suddenly a cayuco appears out of the darkness. The Indio paddling it realizes that he has startled me, and apologizes in Spanish. I tell him that it is not a problem. 
      Then I asked how his fishing went; and he proudly hoists a good-sized fish. As he does so, there is a bright flash as the anchor light falls on its silver skin. It reminds me of something that I can’t quite place. Then he effortlessly paddles off to his little cabin, and I realize that the gleaming fish reminded me of a light-house.
       Almost all true ocean sailors have a deep affection for light-houses. They are one of humanity’s most noble creations. They provide genuine guidance and certainty in a world sorely lacking in those attributes. Plus, they do so for anyone. And they ask nothing in return.
       My mission seems to be that of a human light-house. These lonely beacons stand as sentinels trying to alert us to nearby hazards and dangers. In my own way, I strive to shine a helpful light out onto the troubled waters of the modern world.       
      Sadly, my warnings are usually ignored. But perhaps one day - when conditions turn stormy and dark - my light will lead some Truth Pilgrims to shelter and safety … and to a better tomorrow.