Sunday, July 15, 2018


by Ray Jason

For many years I have been arguing that ocean-going sailboats are the best survival pod if the world plunges into catastrophe. I have encouraged alert sailors, who understand the fragility and dangers of this historic moment, to band together into Sea Gypsy Tribes for mutual support.
       A well-stocked sailboat that can swiftly put to sea and avoid the initial mayhem, has the best chance of surviving any devastation. Whether it is a rapidly collapsing economy or a pandemic or the electric grid going down or nuclear horror, the safest place will be in a flotilla of like-minded, self-reliant sailor-folk, far from the fury of the cities.
       Your escape vessel will be propelled by the wind or by the diesel engine when it is calm. Solar panels and a wind generator will keep the batteries topped up allowing radio communication and on-board creature comforts. There will be plenty of long-life foods, a water-maker that converts sea water into fresh water, a good medical kit and sufficient firepower for a worst-case scenario.
       I have described my Sea Gypsy Tribe concept in several essays that are scattered throughout this blog. They thoroughly discuss both the “why to” and the “how to” details of such a positive life change. Hopefully, you will research them. You can easily find the first three here, here, and here. There are several more that flesh out my concepts even more fully and these are easy to locate if you scroll down my website. They all have the words “Sea Gypsy Tribe” in the title.


       Even though I try to pay careful attention to the world, I was recently jolted by an unsettling realization. I suddenly understood that besides the swiftly accelerating calamities that can overwhelm a society, there is also a more gradual and insidious manipulation taking place. Those at the top of the human pyramid are steadily expanding and consolidating their power. They are using Social Engineering techniques to usher in a future world order comprised of a few Overlords and a mass of Neo-Serfs. This Under-Man class will have very little personal freedom and will be subjected to relentless surveillance and programming.
       I am still trying to inspire sailors around the world to form sea-going fellowships, so that in the case of a dire emergency they could quickly head out to safety. But my recognition of the direction in which humanity is being so ruthlessly herded, is now forcing me to propose a more pro-active approach. My new message is:
       Don’t wait for a major collapse. Head out soon and embrace a life of freedom and self-reliance and authenticity and beauty. If an Armageddon event does occur, you will be ready. And if it does not, you will have already unplugged from the Plantation Matrix and you will not just be existing – you will be flourishing!
       If such a message seems too alarmist, allow me to direct your attention to the web that the Malignant Overlords are clandestinely weaving. Here are some of the strands that they are using to ensnare you:

  • The transformation of your toaster into a Trojan Horse that will spy on you and report back to Big Data - or more accurately - to Big Brother. This forced conversion to “smart” appliances and the “internet of things” that will monitor most of your daily activities, will be sold to you as a “convenience.” Don’t be fooled. It is not about comfort – it is about CONTROL.
  • The steady and accelerating war against “cash.” Supposedly, nobody who is cool uses paper money anymore. Why would they when it is so easy to use plastic? But the commercials, full of trendy hipsters, never bring up the dark-side of digital currency. They don’t mention that the details and location of all of your purchases can be tracked. Nor do they mention that your access to your account can be … terminated. This is not the case with folding money. And don’t let them tell you that their motive is to prevent drug trafficking and money laundering. It is about increasing their CONTROL.
  • And there is the long, subtle, forced march towards “The Chip.” Notice how they made you replace your credit card with one that had a chip embedded into it. And when you are at a check-out counter, the clerk will ask you, “Do you have a chip?” This is part of the brainwashing designed to have you accept an RFID chip in your body. First they accustom you to it by putting them in your pets. Next it is with dementia sufferers or other “at risk” humans. Then, they parade fools across your TV screens who volunteer to get chipped. And finally, they make them … mandatory. And if you do not comply ... then suddenly your digital currency will not be accessible and the smart locks on your front door will not open. More CONTROL.
  • The Malignant Overlords are trying to turn you into screen addicts. They know, and the scientific studies prove, that the dopamine hit that you get when someone “likes” your social media content, is nearly as addictive as heroin. They want digital junkies because they want dependent people. They fear someone who can catch, clean and cook a fish. They revere someone who orders a pizza that is delivered by a drone. Dependency is a great weapon in the sociopath CONTROL arsenal.
  • The private automobile is now in the cross-hairs of the power freaks. They understand that individuals driving their own cars to a destination that they choose, are far too autonomous; and thus they are a threat to the collective utopia that our rulers are rapidly imposing on us. A computerized, driver-less car that they can control is their dream vehicle of the future.
  • Automation and Robots might very well be the Death Twins that herald the end of any chance for a normal person to work a regular job. The pace with which these profit enhancers are being installed is drastically accelerating. Most people believe that only manual laborers risk being replaced. But many “brain” jobs are being taken over by algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. So, where does this grim procession lead? Its destination is a Universal Basic Income. Notice how much more frequently this phrase is appearing as the population is being conditioned to accept it. I laugh when it is marketed as a breakthrough that will allow everyone to finally throw off the shackles of Labor and actualize their Inner Mozart. I’m betting that it is more likely that most people will tap into their Inner Couch Potato. And so with huge numbers of people at the mercy of their monthly check, the Malignant Overlords will have ultimate leverage and almost inescapable CONTROL.
      At this point some of you are undoubtedly bemoaning the fact that I can be so pessimistic about the Human Project (or more specifically its Rulers.) In my defense, I would ask you to pay attention for just one week to the various campaigns of the Social Engineers that I described in these bullet points. You will probably be amazed to see how often they are being advanced in some stealthy manner.


       And finally, to all of the potential Sea Gypsy Tribe recruits scattered around our wet, lush planet, I leave you this message. If you remain tethered to the land and to the cities, you face a future where your work prospects are slim and none. You will no longer be able to go on a road trip in your own car. Your life will become so absurd that you will have to hide from your household appliances. You will have to dodge the attempts of the Malignant Overlords to chip you and to force you into a digital wasteland where the money is plastic and so is the living.
       On the other hand, there is a watery world out there of renegades and rebels who will not bow to these enslaving dictates. Don’t try to reform the System. Don’t degrade yourself by “going along to get along.” Just raise the sails and ESCAPE!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: For anyone who found this inspirational, check into my blog again in a few days and I will outline a simple formula for getting started. In the meantime, check-out the links that are included in the fourth paragraph.