Monday, June 1, 2015


Hello Everyone,

Today is my blog’s second birthday; and so I want to reach out and thank all of you far-flung friends and strangers who have encouraged me these last two years.  Having come from a performing background, where the response to one’s efforts is very immediate, it is quite different communicating in such an indirect fashion.  It can get pretty lonesome on this side of the laptop at times, so your support is dearly appreciated.  Muchas gracias, as we say down here in the Banana Latitudes!

Certainly the highlight of these past 12 months is the recent publication of a book containing some of the best essays from my site.  It has been doubly rewarding because it is the first book that Dmitry Orlov chose to publish at his new imprint, called Club Orlov Press.  It was also a great experience working so rigorously with Dmitry when he spent this springtime down here South of Many Borders.  The manuscript went through 7 or 8 drafts and the cover took 4 or 5 tries.  But we are both delighted with the finished book.  It is mysteriously entitled THE SEA GYPSY PHILOSOPHER, and if you scroll several inches down this page you can learn all about it.    

The steady growth of my blog has also been very pleasing to me.  After the first year it had received about 47,000 visits and after the second it is now up to 111,000 – so a considerable increase.  And the country count has gone from 117 up to 140.  The fact that this improvement has been made strictly through word of mouth is quite heart-warming.

I am happy to note that my blog remains commercial free - with no google ads and with no donation tab.  For you nice folks who have inquired, there will be an electronic version of the new book in the near future.  And for those of you who have been clamoring for an Amazon link to my first book, TALES OF A SEA GYPSY, I will try to get around to that soon.  It is very different from SGP.  It showcases the offbeat and funny side of my eccentric way of looking at the world and writing about it.    

Thanks again, everyone – may you all flourish in this upcoming year!


P.S. The new essay is almost finished.