Thursday, September 18, 2014


by Ray Jason
           The old fisherman was smiling as he rowed his cayuco through the twilight tinted lagoon towards AVENTURA.  As he pulled alongside, he told me in Spanish that he had some very fine fish tonight.  Looking down into his bucket I agreed, and so I bought a nice fresh mangrove snapper.   When I went below to get some money, I also brought back a couple of cold Balboas – the local beer.  We drank them silently as we watched the sun’s amber descent behind the distant volcano.  Then he surprised me with an unexpected question. 
            “Que pais?” What country, he asked, as he pointed to the flag flying from my rigging.
            “No pais!” No country, I answered.
            “No pais?” He responded in a puzzled manner.
            “Correcto, soy un gitano del mar.”  That’s right, I am a sea gypsy. 
            Realizing that he still did not quite understand this, I lowered the flag down so that he could see it closely.  It is an Earth Flag with the classic photo of our planet from space. 
            “El Mundo es mi pais.  El Mar es mi pais, comprende?”  The World is my country.  The Sea is my country.  Do you understand?
            “Si, fantastico,” he said.  And then we sat quietly and finished our beers as the darkening sky shadowed the bay.  He passed me back the empty can and then reached into his bucket and brought out another fish.  In Spanish he told me that it was a gift – “for his friend whose country is the Sea.”


            Ironically, the memory of this lovely episode with the ancient fisherman inspired a meditation about sailors at the opposite end of the age spectrum.  The more I ponder our present world and our planetary future, the more discouraged I become.  And if it is difficult for someone like me, who is sailing through his Middle Years, imagine how bleak it must appear for those a few decades astern of me. 
And so I am writing this essay in the hopes of inspiring young people all over the world to consider adopting the sea gypsy life.  I am urging them to become - as the old fisherman so eloquently expressed it - “a man or woman whose country is the Sea.”  And here is why…      


For the last decade, the internet - and in particular the alternative media portion of it - has courageously revealed the true nature of Power in the modern world.  Today, only a fool still believes that they control their own destiny via “duly elected representatives” who carry out the wishes of the people.  The reality is that we do not have leaders - we have RULERS.    
Plato yearned for a world of “philosopher kings” that would benevolently balance the rights of the People and the needs of the State.  He would be horrified by what has actually evolved.  The global leadership class (political, military, business and media) is a putrid swamp filled almost entirely with psychopaths and sociopaths.  They have no concern whatsoever for the Common Good - even though they spout platitudes applauding it whenever a TV camera is nearby.  They are addicts whose drug is DOMINATION.  They are money and power junkies; and they will do whatever is necessary to keep their fixes flowing.  Furthermore, they are more vicious and devious than ever.
Witness the NSA spying revelations.  When Edward Snowden showed the world how widespread the unlawful surveillance of practically everyone on the planet was, the reaction from the U.S. Congress should have been: “This is illegal and immoral and obscene - and it must end immediately!”  But instead, they shifted the discussion to a debate over how much spying on ordinary citizens was acceptable for ‘national security reasons.’  So for all of the young people out there who I am trying to convince of the merits of the sea gypsy life, here is my first argument:


They are tracking you through your smart phones and your computers.  They are monitoring you with highway license plate readers and the GPS units in your cars.  Those “smart” electric meters that they are installing, are their eyes into your homes.  Up in the sky above you the first drones are patrolling; and they are now admitting that over 30,000 will be launched by the end of this decade – “for your protection.”  And the ultimate wet dream of these control freaks is to shoot an RFID chip under your skin - providing them complete knowledge of your location and your activities.  In the meantime, they will add these chips to your passports to keep track of your whereabouts.  
And all of these horrible invasions of every person’s right to privacy are being expanded at the same time that they are completing another phase of their control junkie plan.  This is my second argument in favor of abandoning the slave matrix and embracing the sea gypsy life:


Those at the center of power – who I like to call The Malignant Overlords – are either aware that an economic collapse is coming or they are actually engineering that meltdown.  Either way, they are mindful that a pushback from those whose lives have been destroyed is very likely.  They truly understand that a torches and pitchfork moment may be out there on the event horizon. 
And so they are arming local police departments as though they were Galactic Stormtroopers.  They are now almost indistinguishable from front line combat infantry troops.   SWAT teams are multiplying like slime in a petrie dish.  Tiny little towns now have military surplus armored personnel carriers that are just one step below tanks.  These in-your-face vehicles, designed to terrify and subdue the general population, are now even popping up in school districts around the country.  Why does a school district need grenade launchers and semi-tanks?   
So, why might The Malignant Authorities be so vigorously installing a militarized police and surveillance state?  The most likely explanation is that even though they are already almost omnipotent, their lust for even more control is utterly pathological.  So they seek a world where they rule and beneath them is a small group of technicians to run the surveillance and police grid.  And beneath them is a massive group of modern day serfs.  This leads to my third reason why the sea gypsy option is the best escape for awakened young people:


Imagine a planet that combines the worst of Aldous Huxley’s BRAVE NEW WORLD and George Orwell’s 1984.  What you have just envisioned is BRAVE NEW EARTH 2014.  Even Orwell could not have imagined the surveillance capabilities that our contemporary Big Brother has achieved.  Our rulers understand that the boot on the neck is a powerful tool of repression, but they also recognize that subtlety is even more effective. 
So they dazzle and distract us with electronic hypnotism that would amaze even Huxley.  Almost the entire planet now walks around staring at and talking into screens.  Around the clock, through hundreds of channels, the TV screams out its message of “consume and conform!”  We are bombarded by a hologram-like thread of spectacle: Super Bowls, award shows, and movies that are dominated by comic book super heroes and violent special effects.  And as we lap up this vapid tripe from a metastasized “un-culture,” we fail to notice the profound and steady deterioration of any genuine meaning in our lives.
This is no way to live and for the young it will become even more difficult to JUST LIVE.  A college degree no longer assures a tolerable, decent-paying job.  And getting that diploma usually requires taking out loans that practically make the student an indentured servant for many years after graduation.  And the blue collar work opportunities have vaporized as the obscenely greedy corporations “off-shored” – or more accurately STOLE – those jobs from the working class.  The young are looking at a future of burger flipping, changing bedpans or being grunts in the imperial war machine.


The reason I have tried to paint such a vivid picture of the trauma that awaits the younger generation, is because I have an antidote for this diseased society.  FLEE … and more specifically FLEE TO THE SEA … become a man or woman “whose country is the Sea.”  You cannot reform the system through political action or protest or even revolt.  The Malignant Overlords have it too locked down.  Instead, sail away and let it collapse under the weight of its own hubris and over-reach. 
While it crumbles, you can enjoy a life of authentic freedom and adventure and harmony with Nature, while surrounded by young peers who also made the same bold decision.  You can reconnect with your less-domesticated and more feral self.
In one year from the moment you are reading this, you can have joined the sea gypsies already out wandering the Wide Waters.  Here at my blog there are several essays that detail exactly how to do this.  Begin with this link to the one called THE SEA GYPSY TRIBE and work your way through the others.   For the price of just the average down payment on a house, you can own a fully-equipped, self-sufficient sailboat.  But you will quickly realize that it is more than just a boat – that it is a magic carpet capable of carrying you across oceans of wonder and possibility.


I certainly realize that most of what I write often falls on deaf ears or no ears.  But my “Inner Fool” keeps insisting that I strive to add a tiny bit more light to a darkening world.  So I hope that one day that ancient fisherman will again row up to AVENTURA to sell me a fish.  And he will be amazed to discover five or six other boats all flying the Earth Flag.  Then he will think to himself: “This truly pleases my fisherman’s soul - for here is an entire tribe whose country is the Sea.”