Wednesday, November 20, 2013


by Ray Jason

Time shimmers past differently for a long-distance sailor.  The daily markers that are so familiar in the real world do not exist out on the Wide Waters.  There is no breakfast with the family or racing off to school or leaving for work.  There is only the subtle curve of the horizon, the enveloping water, and the on-looking sky.  Occasionally a wild sea creature flies past or emerges from the depths, but mostly it is an immensity of space and an undulating flow of time. 
Thus, my decades as a sea gypsy have gently distorted my sense of how swiftly the years thunder by.  So I was totally blindsided last week when I realized that the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy was approaching.  That horror bludgeoned me in my youth.  It was the first time that I really had to deal with mortality.  That was my initial taste of the bitter randomness of death – of someone being vibrantly alive and then gone forever.  
Like so many other young people, I was inspired by JFK and hoped to one day follow his lead in sculpting a better world from the clay of our democracy’s political institutions.  My grief then was overwhelming and personal – my hero had been viciously gunned down.  But as the decades ebbed and flowed, my sense of loss widened and intensified.  Yes, I had lost a role model, but the planet had lost a visionary and a healer. 
What haunts me the most is that brilliant speech that he made before the United Nations when he offered the olive branch of Peace during one of the most incendiary stages of the Cold War.  When I watch that footage and see him accepting the applause from the General Assembly after he offers to lead a campaign for total world disarmament, a heart-breaking realization assaults me.  He already knew!  There is a nobility and resignation in his body language that seems to imply a foreknowledge that the bullets had already left the guns and were headed his way.  He probably understood that by speaking those peace-seeking words, he was signing his own death warrant.   But he spoke them anyway - boldly and poetically - because he knew that sometimes Right must defy Might.

President Eisenhower, in his Farewell Address, only three years earlier, had warned the nation about the clandestine influence and danger of the Military/Industrial Complex.  Hidden behind the scenes, these rogue power-brokers wielded enormous control.  Kennedy was perceived as a direct threat to them.  He had already vowed to destroy the CIA, and now with his desire to dismantle the war machine, his enemies eliminated him in a cowardly ambush.  Needless to say, this was not the story that was conveyed to us 50 years ago by the media, and they still deceive us now.  
Kennedy’s presidency was an absolute crossroads event in this nation’s history.  To use contemporary terminology, he came from the 1% but he championed the 99%.  He didn’t wish to actually strangle the ruling elite, but he refused to let them suffocate the vast majority of decent, everyday citizens.  And unlike our present politicians he did not just pay lip service to such noble aspirations.  He acted upon them and was gunned down as a result of his ideals.
Although polling data reveals that a great majority of Americans do not believe the absurd Lone Gunman theory, there still are millions who do.  They often justify their position by saying, “But everybody loved JFK.  He had no enemies.  So it must have been some lone nut case like this Lee Harvey Oswald character.” 
Indeed, out in the general population almost everyone did love the president.  Just witness the affection from the crowds as his motorcade moved through the streets during the last hour of his life.  But there is a massive difference between The People and The Power.  Many of his actions during his first three years in office were specifically designed to rein in their influence.
He had penalized the steel industry for price gouging.  He dispatched his brother Robert, the Attorney General, to try and dismember organized crime in America.  He was attempting to reduce the massive tax dodge for the petroleum industry known as the oil depletion allowance.  He would not bow down to the Miami-based former Cuban oligarchs in their vendetta against Castro.  He refused to send troops to Vietnam, allowing only non-combat advisors.  He fired the head of the CIA and vowed to greatly diminish its power.  He was on the brink of implementing far-reaching Civil Rights legislation.  So he was at the top of the enemy list of heavy industry, the Mafia, Big Oil, the rabid Cubans, the Military/Industrial/Complex, the CIA and the Ku Klux Klan. 
Furthermore, he eloquently and clearly stated his position on extremely important issues in major speeches.  These topics included the need to rid democracy of secret societies, the importance of racial equality, the fact that imperialism is the enemy of freedom and the grave imperative for nuclear disarmament.  These messages further infuriated his enemies, who were weaving their secret webs behind the scenes.
How different life might be if JFK had not been viciously murdered.  He was essentially the last apostle for the little people.  With him gone, the men behind the curtain, what I call the Shadow Power, could enormously increase and consolidate their control of the country.  And they did so with appalling success.  Here are some examples of how they have increased their stranglehold over decent ordinary people:
·        They have made a mockery of the concept of representative government.  Politicians represent the Few and not the Many.  Congress views themselves as our Masters and not our Servants. 
·        Wall Street has carpet-bombed Main Street.  The Middle Class, which should be the centerpiece of a functioning Republic, has been incinerated by the 1%.
·        Because the Haves are justifiably worried about the anger of the Have-nots, they have doubled-down on their security measures.   Surveillance grids that would even make Orwell blush, have been covertly put in place to monitor us.  The friendly policeman on the corner has been turned into a psychotic, militarized storm-trooper.
·        The consolidation of their power has been colossal.  Big Everything has stomped the rest of us into Mom and Pop Nothing.  The big chains have destroyed Main Street retail. 
·        Mainstream media is a fraud.  It does not represent the great bulk of America – the main stream.  It services the interests of the 1%.  It should be called Corporate Media or Government Media or perhaps Anti-Truth Media. 
·        The rise of the multinational corporations is a global version of the big chain stores.  In the same way that big box retail doesn’t care about the communities that they are in, the big global corporations barely care about their home countries.
·        Without permission from the citizens, our nation has been turned into an imperial parasite that is scorned around the world.  Did anyone ask you if you wanted to unleash drones on wedding parties or install 700 military bases overseas?

So, when people try to tell you that the Kennedy assassination is unimportant or that it is ancient history, do not let them do so.  The Shadow Power, that literally blew his brains out, was able to gain almost full spectrum societal domination as a result of that “hit.”  They are now more powerful than ever and they are INSATIABLE.  They will not be content until they have turned this once great nation into Plantation America.  In honor of the vision and sacrifice of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, we must not let them!