Sunday, June 30, 2024


by Ray Jason


When I weary of researching and discussing too many heavy topics with my readers, I retreat, with my good ship AVENTURA, to a nearby beach where I can find distraction and sometimes solace. On rare occasions, I can even find inspiration.

This lovely spot has a split personality. At ten a.m. the boats from town arrive and unload their enthusiastic tourists who are delighted by the prospect of a carefree day of languishing in the luscious and soothing Caribbean water. By five p.m. they have all been shuttled back to town, and I have the beach and the bay to myself.

The first thing to arrive each day is the panga towing the bright yellow, Banana Boat. It is also the last “vessel” to leave. This week it suddenly occurred to me that these inflatable container ships, with their cargo of laughter and thrills, have actually taught me some Life Lessons.

Thursday, May 30, 2024


by Ray Jason


Will I ever see my friend again?

The Shadow Sailor just raised his anchor and headed for the Canal. We had spent an intense three hours discussing his concerns and his strategy.

His mission was to escape the dark, planet-shattering storm that he could sense just beyond the horizon. This tempest, which so terrified him, was not a natural phenomenon. Instead, it was a combination of two of Humanity’s worst traits – delusional Pride and destructive Power. He perceived them as the fuse and the explosive charge that would lead us to Nuclear Annihilation.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024



by Ray Jason


With our world drowning in so much senseless war and bloodshed, I have recently been thinking about finishing a project that I began several years ago. It is a short but powerful anti-war film that combines my personal Vietnam experience with the immortal message of the Napalm Girl.

However, my film-making skills are very limited. But Fate smiled upon me, and a professional film editor anchored near me a few weeks ago. After developing a friendship, I mentioned my long-dormant project.

He agreed to assist me at a very reasonable fee, and we spent a few days seated at his editing console, piecing together this little film. Even though it is only 14 minutes long, my hope is that it is Powerful, Poignant, Poetic and Persuasive.

If you find merit in this video, please share it widely, so that we can “Give Peace a Chance!”






Thursday, April 11, 2024



by Ray Jason



Life is a voyage. For both the Individual and Society, there will be times of serene sailing and smooth seas, and times of terrifying winds and troubled waters.

Since the very beginning of my Sea Gypsy days, nearly FORTY years ago, I have approached every new expedition out onto The Wide Waters deliberately and cautiously. I would carefully evaluate the risks versus the rewards.


In this essay, I will use that same measured approach to examine the current storm-wracked Voyage of Western Civilization, to see if there are any light-houses of Hope amid the raging wind and waves.

Tuesday, April 2, 2024



by Ray Jason


There are some topics that are never discussed in “polite company.” Fortunately and deliberately, I have surrounded myself with “impolite company.”

My friends and I will wonder about the Grassy Knoll. We will question the free-fall speed of the Twin Towers. We will ponder the implications of the Dancing Israelis. In fact, on a really bold day, we might even dare to discuss the JQ.

But even in my eccentric circle, we do not talk about The Big D – DEATH. This intrigues me since I perceive it as just an organic part of The Big L – LIFE.


In these reflections, I will be dealing with “natural death.” This would be someone who has lived past 70 years or so, and then experienced declining health until their body can no longer sustain itself.

Tragic death” is an entirely different category. We witness this in Gaza on a daily basis. When an IDF storm-trooper walks through a hospital casually shooting doctors and patients, those victims did not suffer a natural death.

As for the cowardly soldier who butchered them, we can only hope that an Afterlife and a just God awaits him. A suitable Fate for him might be an eternal cycle of re-incarnation every day, followed by an afternoon visit to the Celestial Wood-Chipper – feet first.

Saturday, March 23, 2024


by Ray Jason


I have a very unusual perspective on Life. Perhaps this is the reason:

Ray lives in his sailboat.

His sailboat lives in the Ocean.

Therefore, Ray lives in the Ocean.

I have been alone at Sea for voyages that lasted as long as 30 days. During those times, my only companions lived in the Sea and the Sky. I was isolated from normal, human contact. There was no TV, no Internet, no texting.

But I did have abnormal human contact in the form of books. Great thinkers and writers were my crew-mates. Being far from the frenzy and low-grade lunacy of the Modern World, I could ponder their thinking, their eloquence, their wisdom.

One of the lessons that sang through many of their books was the danger of Humanity disconnecting itself from the Natural World. These wise men and women were warning us of this spiritual separation even a hundred years ago. Imagine how terrified they would be if they were alive today and witnessed how swiftly - and seemingly without question - we are replacing the Natural with the Artificial.

It was bad enough when real food began to give way to “artificial food products.” It was sad when real friends were replaced by “Facebook friends.” But, it is hideous when even the magnificent Human Brain is under attack from Ego-fevered scientists and New World Orderlies who are trying to impose Artificial Intelligence on the world!

Monday, March 11, 2024


  by Ray Jason

 This is fiction … or is it?



This time the Shadow Sailor found me.

Usually, I spot him hidden away in some rarely visited cove here in The Archipelago of Bliss. Although his modest 42-foot sailboat is over 30 years old, he keeps her in very good shape. Her only unusual features are a large array of solar panels and a satellite communications dome.

When I first met him, I asked him about these incongruities. Since he barely knew me, he told me that he was an avid “gamer” and was constantly competing via the Internet with opponents scattered all around the world.

Later, when I had earned his trust, he revealed the true reason for his over-sized communication package. He was dedicating himself to trying to unravel “How the world REALLY works.” The SatCom system allowed him to do his research via the World Wide Web from very remote anchorages and even from the middle of the ocean.

He is a man of no country, but he has visited many … more than many. He enters and departs quietly … and unofficially. He is a master at finding hidden spots where the authorities seldom visit. However, although he lives in the Shadows, his life is not gray and dreary and unhappy. He has managed to battle The System without letting the frustration of that combat poison him.

Thursday, February 29, 2024



  by Ray Jason


For over a decade I have been encouraging people around our Watery World to form Sea Gypsy Tribes. My belief is that they are the best defense against any catastrophe that may overwhelm Society. Here is my 2024 update.

The basic concept remains the same. Essentially, it provides all of the survival benefits of land-based emergency “prepping,” but with the significant advantage of not being stationary.

Human history proves that when people have to choose between starving and marauding, they always attack. Having an ocean-ready sailboat, properly equipped and stocked, allows one to “Flee to the Sea!”

Wednesday, February 21, 2024


  by Ray Jason

When I need to recharge my “Faith in Humanity” batteries, I sail to a quiet little nearby cove. Then, I sit on deck each morning, happily waiting for a boatload of Innocent Joy to pass by.

It is a small cayuco being rowed by two boys. Also onboard are two sisters who are singing and clapping their hands in time with their songs. They are on their way to school, which is about a mile across the water.

The children live in a modest house on the shore of the lagoon. It was not built by contractors. It was the work of their father and some uncles and some neighbors. Their mom washes their clothes by hand with rain water that they catch from the roof of their house. She dries them in the sun.

They pick fruits, grow vegetables, keep some chickens and catch lots of fish. In other words, they live simply - just as their ancestors did for who knows how many generations.

The tranquility of this idyllic scene helps to heal my troubled spirit after too much time examining the suicidal lunacy of the Modern World.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024


by Ray Jason


My personal Life Voyage was greatly inspired by two titans of sea literature – Joseph Conrad and Herman Melville. They wandered the Wide Waters, not just searching for riches and adventure, but also seeking deep awareness of the human condition.

They concluded that many men have a tragic tendency to succumb to the worst elements of their nature. Although there is a smattering of virtue motivating some of the characters in their novels, largely the books describe a dark and disturbed human landscape. Sadly, I now perceive the literary villains sailing those pages as only mildly malevolent, compared to the Malignant Overlords that we battle today.

Certainly, there have always been aberrant humans who want to dominate and even destroy others. Much of History is a sickening cavalcade of conquerors with an obscene lust to rule the world. That has not changed. But what is now different is their ability to achieve their hideous desires.

Friday, January 12, 2024


by Ray Jason



Does taking the Red Pill inevitably lead one down the path to the Black Pill? Or is there an escape? And if Society seems destined for a grim, totalitarian future, is it at least possible for courageous Individuals to evade that fate?

Since beginning my Sea Gypsy Philosopher blog ten years ago, my goal has been to decipher “How the world really works.” In the first essay of my “Quest” series, I provided a Summing Up of my decade of research. My prognosis was not good.

Because that article was posted on January 1st, it was surrounded in the Alt-Media world by many New Year’s forecasts. Lots of commentators provided predictions that were considerably more optimistic than mine. So, I decided to elaborate more fully upon my fears for the future.

Monday, January 1, 2024


by Ray Jason



My quest was simple. I wanted to figure out “How the world really works.” Even as I began this task, I recognized that it was probably impossible.

Take, for example, the two most monumental events that had occurred during my lifetime – the murder of JFK and the attack on 911. These were indisputable turning points in human history. The world was different the next day.

Given the magnitude of these horrors, one would expect an enormous effort to discover what had actually happened. But those who should have been searching for the Truth, were erecting a barricade of Lies. Instead of honesty, we got “magic bullets” and “box cutters.”

Saturday, December 23, 2023


Dear Readers,

Here’s hoping that you are all having a joyous and wondrous holiday season.

Thank you so much for emailing me during these last several months and asking whether I was okay, since you had not seen any new essays from me.

I am fine! My Health is excellent and my Happiness is abundant.

I simply felt that after TEN YEARS of writing my Blog, I needed … and perhaps deserved … a break. So I took a voluntary sabbatical. I did not develop “writers’ block” and certainly I did not suddenly doubt the worldview that I had expressed in 167 essays. My sense was that when it was time to begin creating again, I would know. And such is the case.

My new essay will post on New Year’s Day 2024. The working title is: ONE MAN’S QUEST. I look forward to sharing it with you.

All the best,


Tuesday, April 4, 2023



by Ray Jason




The first essay in this series, which you can find here, was re-posted at many websites. The “comments” sections at those blogs generated some very lively discussions. So much so, that it makes sense for me to clarify my mission.

I am NOT trying to convince large numbers of people to abandon their lives ashore and adopt the full-time cruising lifestyle. Instead, my goal is to inspire those who are already living aboard their sailboats. My hope is that I can encourage them to band together with other like-minded sailors who believe that society-wrecking catastrophes might lie just below tomorrow’s horizon.

Groups of 5 to 8 boats, when properly prepared and equipped, have an excellent chance of surviving - and even flourishing - despite any emergency. There are 100s of anchorages scattered all around the world filled with self-reliant sea gypsies.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023


 by Ray Jason


For more than a decade I have been promoting a concept that I call The Sea Gypsy Tribe. The idea is that Humanity is living in an increasingly chaotic world with the possibility of extreme catastrophes looming just beyond the stormy horizon.

I firmly believe that the best way to escape from any type of emergency, is in a well-prepared, ocean-capable sailboat, along with a small group of like-minded sailors in their boats. During the last 10 years at my blog, in about a dozen essays, I have carefully described various disasters and then explained how sailing vessels can effectively respond to them.

My sincere hope is that none of us ever have to deal with such extreme situations. It would be terrific if none of us ever had to react to a currency collapse or a cyber attack or a balloon armed with an EMP! But a wise, old mariner once advised me to “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!”

Since I receive inquiries from cruisers all around the world, I decided to collate together the many reasons that I believe the sea gypsy life is ideal in shielding one from natural or human-caused disasters.

Therefore, I am creating this Sea Gypsy Tribe Encyclopedia. It will be spread out across a few essays. Initially, I will randomly choose the topics for discussion, but eventually, they will all be alphabetized like an encyclopedia. But don’t be alarmed – it will not be some massive tome. Instead, it will be a longish essay divided into a few segments. Let’s begin!


Tuesday, December 6, 2022


by Ray Jason


When The Darkness shrouds my spirit, I sail off to Long View Bay. I anchor behind a massive reef that hides itself below the surface and silently tames the waves. Because there is a vast expanse of shimmering water surrounding me, it feels like I am floating in the open sea. And yet it is completely calm. This tranquility soothes my soul. This long view sharpens my perception.

There is also powerful symbolism in this place. The dominant feature of our planet is its … wetness. This is what distinguishes us from the innumerable dry and lifeless stars gliding above us. Our Wide Waters are elemental. And so I have come here to ponder things that are … fundamental.

My belief is that the incessant Cacophony of Lunacy that the media bombards us with, is minor compared to the deeper issues that allow this societal dysfunction to occur. Stolen elections, fake pandemics and phony wars to “save democracy,” cannot be solved by elections or laws. That’s because most of the human actions that are evil, are actually caused by the deliberate, incremental destruction of humanity’s moral character.

Core values such as Honesty, Diligence, Fortitude, Kindness and Integrity, that used to define a person’s true worth, have been jettisoned in favor of expedient traits that might provide tawdry fame and tarnished fortune. It is all about “likes” and “clicks” and “re-tweets.” But here at Long View Bay, it is all about the need to restore long-abandoned virtues.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022


by Ray Jason


This is my response to the recent article in THE ATLANTIC magazine entitled “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty.” I have a superior idea. Let’s arrest, try and prosecute those who committed Crimes against Decency, Common Sense and Humanity.

The essay is written by Emily Oster, who most definitely was not an innocent bystander during the WuFlu Paranoia Op. In fact, she might easily qualify for the Obnoxious Karen Hall of Fame. In her Twitter comments she sounds like a kindergarten teacher scolding us for breaking our crayons. Here are some examples:

I think governors should consider a short term lock-down over Thanksgiving week”

“If you’re pregnant and un-vaccinated, get vaccinated.”

“Maybe vaccine requirements for things you want to do – domestic air/train travel, work, sports events. Yes.”

But she would prefer that these tweets disappear down the Memory Hole. That’s because her motivation in writing this essay is not to make a heart-felt confession that could lead to societal healing. Her actual desire is to … cover her ass!

Thursday, August 25, 2022



James Howard Kunstler featured me on his podcast this week. It was a very enjoyable and hopefully informative conversation. Since we both expend much of our ink discussing serious and culture-changing events, it was a welcome relief to leave such topics astern for an hour.

Jim and I have become cyber-pen-pals over the last couple of years, but this was literally the first time that we had communicated by voice. Fortunately, it was seamless from the very outset, almost as though we had been chattering across the back fence for decades.

I admire his work immensely because he is such a superb wordsmith, who sometimes even attains a lyrical and poetic dimension in his work. As you, my regular readers know, I always strive for what I call The Three Ps – Powerful, Provocative and Poetic. There are plenty of great commentators in the Blogosphere, but not many can make the words sing like Jim.

Also, we share a philosophical attitude towards the unraveling of Western Civilization. We try to alert people to it, but we retain enough optimism to encourage everyone to seek ways to live with Joy and Meaning amid the chaos and corruption.

Here is the link to the interview at Jim’s website.



Monday, August 1, 2022



by Ray Jason


For several years I have been haunted by a simple photograph that I saw only one time. The image itself is not complicated, and yet its deeper meaning has eluded me and taunted me - like a riddle inside a dream.

In the photo we see a few children waiting in line at the ticket booth of a traveling circus. But instead of paying with money, each of the youngsters is offering something of real value. One has a basket of eggs, another a loaf of bread, and the third child is holding a live chicken.

The reason these kids are not buying their tickets with cash, is because they are trapped in the hyperinflation nightmare of Weimar Germany in the 1930s. We have all seen the black and white pictures of fathers pushing wheelbarrows full of Deutchmarks to the store with the hopes of feeding their families.

I just spent many hours on various search engines trying to locate that circus photo, but I failed. However, is it not the writer’s task to paint a word picture as vividly as real life? So here is what I saw in that sepia-frozen moment in time.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022


 by Ray Jason



Sometimes I just have to sail off by myself and howl at the moon. I anchor in a secluded spot totally removed from human society. Mountains in the background, islands in the foreground and healing water beneath me.

There my only companions live in the sea and the sky. My little sea-going monastery, with its solitude and simplicity, provides me an almost piercing perspective. Every morning I attend sunrise services in the Church of the Natural - saddened by the awareness that most of humanity is hypnotized in the Cult of the Artificial.

For a decade I have been shouting out into cyberspace, warning that demons have high-jacked the Human Voyage. For decades they did this secretly, but now they boldly proclaim their intentions from their Dark Tower of Davos.

Saturday, May 14, 2022



by Ray Jason




In Part 1, I meet the captain of a Tall Ship who runs a Semester-at-Sea program. He has just lost his onboard teacher for a couple of weeks due to Covid quarantine. It turns out that he is a fan of my Blog, and so we agree that I will be his substitute teacher for a while.

In Part 2, I deliver my first full lecture to the 16 year old sailor/students. When it is finished, I let them take a 5 minute break before we do a question and answer session. Part 3 is that Q and A dialogue. Here it is.

Welcome back, shipmates! I am delighted to see that all 15 of you returned. My worldview is pretty radical, so I worry about freaking out my new students. Especially, when I don’t have a full school year to gradually introduce you to this material. But because the societal changes that are being initiated right now are so dangerous to your futures, I feel a duty to alert you to them.

Saturday, April 23, 2022



by Ray Jason




In Part 1, I met the Captain of a Tall Ship who had lost his onboard teacher for a couple of weeks due to Covid quarantine. Coincidentally, he was a fan of my unconventional Blog, and we agreed that I would be his substitute teacher for a while. This is my second lecture to the kids, who are about 16 years old.

Good morning students and shipmates. I deliberately used the term “shipmates” because even though I am not an actual crew-member on the HENRY DAVID THOREAU, I am “one of you.”

That’s because we share an extraordinary bond. We have all savored the Big Ocean - or what I like to call the Wide Waters. When you are alone on a night watch, I suspect that you have been dazzled by how vast and gorgeous the Sea is. And perhaps you were also a bit frightened by how uncaring it is.

It is the dominant feature of our planet - taking up around 70% of its surface. And it is so interconnected, that waves that lap the shores of Panama may one day break on the beaches of Polynesia.  

Sunday, March 27, 2022


by Ray Jason



The bartender gave me his nod that indicated something interesting was headed our way. I turned and watched as an old, but impeccably maintained wooden dory, approached the dock. At her oars were four attractive young people – two women and two men. In her stern was the Captain. I assumed this because he had the calm, confident air of one familiar with the joys and ordeals of command. He cordially said good-bye to his oarsmen and joined us at the bar.

“I’ll go out on a topsail yard and guess that you are from the tall ship anchored out there.”

“Indeed, I am. And I must say that this place looks as pleasant as my scouting party described her to me.”

“Are you saying that “Semester-at-Sea ships are now teaching waterfront bar reconnaissance as part of their curriculum?”

“It’s not a formal course, but it fits nicely into the Life Skills category. But they outdid themselves. Not only did they find a spot with the front on the water, but ALL SIDES are on the water. She is a genuine floating bar.”

“And a relaxed and friendly one as well. Allow me to buy your first round. Might I suggest our excellent local rum with a chaser of one of our fine local beers?”

“You buy ‘em - you pick ‘em”

Thursday, November 18, 2021


by Ray Jason



Because our shrieking rulers are so fiercely demanding that all of us must be vaccinated, I suspect that they are concealing their true agenda. Previously, I assumed that it was just the age-old quest for money and power.

But now I believe that they intend to use these “vaccines” for much more sinister reasons. My fear is that their ultimate goal is the “cyborging” of humanity. Could it be that this mRNA technology actually re-programs the human operating system? Are they injecting us with compounds that will induce submissiveness, eliminate fertility, secretly track us and potentially even instantly terminate us through sound frequencies or light impulses?

Will those who have been vaxxed be altered - without their knowledge or permission - into a Humanity 2.0.? And will the anti-vaxxers be transformed from mere resistors against Tyranny, into the last remnants of the natural, biological and un-augmented Humanity 1.0?

Will the divide become so vicious that the vaxxed will be privileged and the unvaxxed will be pariahs? And will the Pure Bloods be hunted down, shipped to “quarantine” camps … and possibly eliminated?

Sunday, October 31, 2021


by Ray Jason

Can we talk? Can I lay a little hard love on you? It is becoming absolutely vital for you to cast off the chains of Thanatophobia. That is the term used in psychology to describe excessive fear of death.

Ever since we humans evolved (some would argue that we “devolved”) from our mostly egalitarian Hunter/Gatherer lifestyle into Civilization, we have suffered under an endless parade of tyrants. The main weapon that they use to enslave us is the fear of Thanatos or Death.

Toil in my fields,” they insist, “or you will have no bread for your table.” “Send your sons to fight my wars,” they command, “or you will be over-run by barbarians.”

It took several thousand years to finally destroy the dominant paradigm under which the rulers crushed the little people. This was achieved through The Rule of Law and through the concept of Self-Government via elected leaders.

Thursday, September 30, 2021


by Ray Jason

Embracing the "Old Ways"


My education as an ocean sailor was an exquisite blessing. That’s because in my early days we still learned The Old Ways. Nearly a thousand years of hard-earned wisdom was generously passed along to those who wished to wander The Wide Waters.

We could read the clouds and decipher the probable weather for the next few days. We carried barometers, and knew that a rapid decline meant a churning hell of wind and waves was headed our way.

Tragically, that ability to “read the signs” was vaporized nearly overnight as electronic devices slithered aboard almost every boat. Mariners were no longer watching the Sea and the Sky for tell-tale clues. Instead, they were staring at screens.

To go to sea, you no longer had to know how to fix your position by the stars or determine your depth by the color of the water. You just needed the latest electro-gadget.



Monday, August 30, 2021


by Ray Jason


As many of my readers know, I have lived a very contrary to ordinary life. During one of my more exotic chapters, I spent decades as a San Francisco street juggler. It was rewarding … in so many ways.

Often, I was asked to perform at benefits. Usually, I gladly did so. One of those events is firmly etched into my memory. It was an anniversary for the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center.

Just as I was about to go onstage in front of hundreds of children and their parents, I heard an unusual loud thumping sound. As I searched for the location of the noise, I witnessed an astonishing spectacle. Before me, I beheld a tightly-packed battalion of black-robed Grim Reapers. They marched silently and slowly to the solemn throbbing of a solitary drummer boy.

They were protesting the animal testing program at the medical center. Some of them held poles aloft with stuffed kittens and puppies swinging from nooses. It was grim and disturbing. But there was no denying that it was powerful messaging.